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ENSI: The Integration Solution

IntegrationSolution ENSI offers a robust Technology Platform with the integrated functionality you need to run your investment business.

ENSInet provides industry-leading technology that includes full Outlook and PDA synchronization, complete and comprehensive referral tracking, straight through online brokerage account opening, the ability to integrate investment client data with your customer infomation systems, advanced Rep and Management dashboards and much more.

See our 2012 BISA Insert for further integration details!

ENSI- Investment Program Specialist and Technology Partner

Essex National Securities, LLC (ENSI), member FINRA/SIPC, is an independent broker/dealer, Insurance Agency and Registered Investment Advisor dedicated to creating and supporting “best in class” investment programs. At ENSI our mission is clear- we partner with Financial Institutions to provide their representatives and program management the resources to drive superior financial results and a unique customer experience.

We are experienced in establishing new investment programs as well as transitioning and revitalizing existing ones. In doing so, we have established relationships with a broad range of partners, providing full access to a wide spectrum of financial products including fixed and variable annuities, discount brokerage, mutual funds, managed money programs, all types of life insurance and long-term care.

Over the years, ENSI has built a solid reputation for providing outstanding marketing support, unparalleled training and exceptional customer service. To learn more about us and how we can help you, we invite you to browse our website, or contact us directly for more information.